Tangible relief

I began seeing Steve Phillips for acupuncture several months ago. I visited Steve initially with great skepticism to attempt to get relief from chronic depression. I was seeking out anything contrary to the approach with which several doctors had treated me (more and more pills). I was out of hope that I could and would get any better, so I figured it was worth a try. Steve welcomed me into his clinic and demonstrated just how very intuitive he is about how the human body works. With a few questions in the first session, he had honed in on a plethora of symptoms (that all certainly contributed to my depression). I had been ‘dealing with’ these things, as they seemed to be a normal part of my body’s functioning. I began treatment and a few short months later, my skepticism has melted into tangible relief: my digestion is better (I had very chronic IBS), my immune system is stronger, I have not had the allergy problems I typically survive through (and my chronic sinus infections are gone), I deal with stress better. I am no longer surviving as a victim of my body, but in greater harmony with it. I am all-around a more happy person, and this was no small feat! I am so very thankful that I gave Steve and acupuncture a try; I fear what I would be like today had I not.

Ms. Andrea A.

Treated (for): Sinusitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Immune System Strengthening, Digestive Disorders, Depression

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