With acupuncture treatments, I have regained some of the strength in my legs

I had polio when I was 14 months old. Between the ages of 4 and 17, I had 18 orthopedic operations. Many people who have polio start experiencing muscle weakness and burning in their extremities about 30 years after the onset of polio. I am fortunate that I did not start to experience these symptoms until I was 62. There were no treatments available for these symptoms with traditional medicine. During my internship in graduate school, I was introduced to the power of acupuncture. About a year ago, I was experiencing significant weakness in my legs and knew that I would not be able to walk much longer. With acupuncture treatments, I have not only continued to walk, but I have regained some of the strength in my legs and my balance has improved, and I no longer have the feeling that I am going to fall. Steve Phillips establishes a relationship with his patients and you know you are a partner in the therapy.

Robert M. Harris, Ph.D., Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology
CEO, Institute for Advancing Unity & UNITY Lab
dba Capital Unity Council

Treated (for): Testimonials from Health Professionals, Post Polio Syndrome

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