Improved immunity

I began seeing the acupuncturist, Steve Phillips, at the Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic on June 8, 2009. I had just finished a course of antibiotics for a bronchial infection and I also had stabbing pain (from neuralgia) behind my left ear. After one treatment of acupuncture the pain behind my ear was gone!

I had blood drawn before I began acupuncture and after only four treatments, the following values are the results:

Before RX: May 29, 2009 After 4 RXs: June 25, 2009
White cell count(WBC): 3.2 thousand per UL (out of range) WBC: 6.1 thousand per UL (it doubled)
Lymphocytes: 672 cells per mcL (out of range) Lymphocytes: 2135 cells per mcL (it more than tripled)
Platelet count: 105 thousands per UL (out of range) Platelet count: 164 thousand per UL (increased by 59 cells/UL)

My immunity and well-being have greatly increased.

Karen J. Wong, PT

Treated (for): Well Being, Testimonials from Health Professionals, Immune System Strengthening

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