Headaches–how to control them with no side effects

Your medication may or may not control your headaches, but you are tired of the side effects, which an internet search has shown are typical. You want an effective treatment that is not only free of side effects, but that may have long-lasting effects. Some of your friends have recommended you try acupuncture.

I have treated three main types of headaches–tension headaches, migraine headaches and sinus headaches. Sinus headaches? That’s right. Sacramento, where I have worked for 2+ decades, is the allergy capitol of California.

Tension headaches

By far the most common, and the easiest to treat. Patients who come in with this often leave an hour later without it, or with a significant reduction in pain. The goal is not simply to relieve the pain of an individual headache, but to reduce the frequency and intensity of future headaches over the course of a series of treatments.

Migraine headaches

A little harder to treat, but treatment is still quite effective. If the patient comes in with a migraine, they often leave with it as well. But the good news is that with a series of treatments, most migraine sufferers will experience a significant reduction in frequency and intensity of headaches.

Sinus headaches

Very common in Sacramento because of the high pollen content of the air, with pain in the lower and upper sinuses. Relief usually occurs quickly. The goal is not just pain relief, but reducing the allergic response. I have an article on this website about hay fever.

I have also had several patients who got headaches due to hypertension. Again, acupuncture can bring quick relief. Naturally, there will be future headaches if the blood pressure remains high. Sometimes acupuncture helps reduce it.

I invite you to read several very positive testimonials from headache patients.

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