My wheelchair and two walkers are back in storage

At the age of 81, I developed a sciatic nerve problem which went on for one and a half years. During that time I also had a total knee replacement and later a second replacement of my hip. My doctors were kind and sympathetic and finally decided that back surgery could be the answer to my sciatic nerve problem. At this point I wasn’t too excited about another surgery. The doctors were understanding. They suggested shots. They gave me cortisone shots which were effective for several months. Next was a nerve blocker, which had no effect on my pain.

At this point I decided I would just have to live out my years in pain. Then my neighbor told me about her young adult son who had developed sciatica problems and couldn’t walk from one room to another. He decided to try acupuncture, and after six treatments went back to work as manager of a large grocery store. Again hope was in sight. Though I knew little about the treatment, what did I have to lose except pain. I conferred with my doctor and told him I would like to try it. He agreed and sent me to Dr. Phillips for six treatments. After six treatments, I informed my doctor of the improvement, but felt another session of six treatments would be even better. He agreed. After the second set of treatments, my wheelchair and two walkers are back in storage. I no longer take medication for the sciatica. Thank you, Dr. Phillips

Irene F.

Treated (for): Sciatica

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