I have always remained pain free

I originally met Steve Phillips in 1992. That was also my first introduction to acupuncture. Steve very successfully treated me for TMJ in my jaw. I investigated acupuncture as an alternative to surgery on my jaw at the suggestion of a good friend. It is now 2008 and although at stressful times I get tense and have a popping in my jaw, I have always remained pain free after my acupuncture treatments many years ago.

At the time that I was first introduced to acupuncture I owned a large retail music store and interacted on a daily basis with many musicians. I referred many musician friends and employees to Steve that were suffering from repetitive motion related injuries. I know many of my referrals lead to successful treatment through acupuncture.

Gail T.

Treated (for): Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ/TMD)

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