I have always remained pain free

I originally met Steve Phillips in 1992. That was also my first introduction to acupuncture. Steve very successfully treated me for TMJ in my jaw. I investigated acupuncture as an alternative to surgery on my jaw at the suggestion of a good friend. It is now 2008 and although at stressful times I get tense […]

Steve’s results are like a few weeks of vacation

For over twenty years, I’ve had stress/tmj headaches around my left temple. Ibuprofen or alcohol would bring temporary relief to the symptoms but not really help in the long run. Steve asked a lot of questions including whether exercise helped. After confirming exercise helped, Steve gave a tentative diagnosis of shoulder problems causing the head […]

Thank you for the acupuncture treatments

Dear Steve, Thank you for the acupuncture treatments. You have not only helped me with the treatments for the pain in my back and neck, but for the T.M.J. and inner ear. Thanks Steve