Steve’s results are like a few weeks of vacation

For over twenty years, I’ve had stress/tmj headaches around my left temple.

Ibuprofen or alcohol would bring temporary relief to the symptoms but not really help in the long run. Steve asked a lot of questions including whether exercise helped. After confirming exercise helped, Steve gave a tentative diagnosis of shoulder problems causing the head pain. He said it would probably go away after a few acupuncture treatments. Following the first treatment, I felt 1,000% better.

After four weekly treatments, the residual discomfort is almost completely gone. A recent deep tissue massage revealed that much of the accumulated stress throughout my body has gone thanks to Steve’s acupuncture treatments. I tried other acupuncturists before but their treatment brought only slight, temporary relief. I have also had literally dozens of chiropractors over the years who have helped but make me nervous as I age. Steve’s results are like a few weeks of vacation with yoga classes. I am very grateful to Steve.

Matt B.

Treated (for): Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ/TMD), Headaches

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