Permanent smoking cessation!

Dear Steve,

On June 11, 2008, I marked two months of smoke-free living in my home!

After the treatment I received on April 11 I did have a few urges to smoke “just one more cigar,” but found that easy to avoid as I had mailed all “left-over” cigars to a friend in Pennsylvania. I now have no such urges and haven’t had “the shakes”, “screaming mimies” or other like withdrawal symptoms.

This is my second Acupuncture treatment. The first was in 1984 for cigarette addiction performed by Dr. Joon K. Nam. I have not smoked nor had the urge to smoke a cigarette and, frankly, dislike the smell of cigarette smoke since that treatment 24 years ago.

I am extremely well pleased with the results of your treatment. The procedure was totally painless and, frankly, I “slept through” most of the session. WONDERFUL! I do enjoy a good, deep, restful sleep. I was rather pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the whole procedure was in general.

I am more than extremely well pleased with the SUCCESS!

I highly recommend acupuncture as the treatment for permanent smoking cessation! No pills, patches or partial results. it is just a firmly based, ancient treatment that helps to stop smoking and curb nicotine dependence. Having “been there” and “done that”, quite frankly, I know it works.

Please feel free to use this letter to encourage others to divest themselves from one of the most disabling and harmful things the colonists found in the “New World.”

cc: Carl Clayson, MD
Jonathan Hemphill, MD
Richie Wong, MD

Julian E. Nicols

Treated (for): Stop Smoking

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