Bell’s palsy on the right side of my face

Just before Christmas holidays, 2015, I came down with a mild-moderate case of Bell’s palsy on the right side of my face. After researching online, I found that acupuncture sometimes helped with Bell’s palsy complete recovery if started fairly early and at least twice a week. I had never had this type of treatment before so didn’t know what to expect. After trying my first treatment by another acupuncturist in downtown Sac., I felt maybe I could do better and wanted to compare. I found Steve Phillips online and on Facebook. After just one phone conversation with Steve Phillips, I believed his treatment style would be a better match for me. I ended up going for several weeks, twice a week, to Steve. His treatment method seemed far superior and more complete than the first one I had elsewhere.

After each treatment, I experienced enhanced tingling on the right side of my face, which was a good sign that the nerves were starting to heal. Within three-four weeks, my right side looked much more symmetrical again with the left side. I stopped treatments after about 4 weeks and let the rest of the healing take place on its own, which it eventually did.

I do believe the treatments Steve Phillips provided were beneficial to the prompt and complete recovery of my Bell’s palsy. Steve took his time and was very careful in his placement of the needles on my face. The needle placement was not painful and I never felt rushed or stressed during any of my sessions. He has a very pleasant personality and I would feel comfortable and confident recommending him to anyone with Bell’s palsy or pain. In fact, I have already recommended him to someone who has back pain. I would go back to Steve for continued treatment of my own neck, and back pain, and would try acupuncture for knee pain in the future.

Lily C. - Granite Bay, CA

Treated (for): Bell's Palsy

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