Keeps my Sacramento allergies at bay

Testimonial for Steve Phillips

I have been seeing Steve for several years for treatment of arthritis in my left ankle, right knee, both thumbs and lower back. In addition, he keeps my Sacramento allergies at bay by treating my sinuses.

I firmly believe that the acupuncture treatments have helped to keep my arthritic joints moving so that I can swim, do aerobic exercises and lift weights with little discomfort. I am sure that left untreated, my joints would freeze up and leave me very unhappy.

Steve and I have many great intellectual discussions and some that are less intellectual, and there are some that are, as he said last week, “a poke and a joke.” My appointments with Steve go by very quickly, either because we are talking or because I feel safe and relaxed enough to take a quick nap

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone for acupuncture treatment.

Virginia E. Maulfair, Ed.D.

Treated (for): Relaxation, Pain Management, Knee Pain, Hay Fever, Hand Pain, Back Pain - Low, Back Pain - General, Arthritis, Ankle Pain, Allergies, Allergic Rhinitis

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