Success with allergies

The constant nasal drip down the back of my throat got to the point where I could hardly talk. My voice was a whisper or worse, like a frog. I was always “aheming” to clear out my throat. And I’m a teacher. It was affecting my job not to mention my enjoyment of the outdoors. I tried several remedies; inhalers, different prescription antihistamines, saline sprays, over the counter nutrients, natural remedies, or drugs. It got to the point where nothing was helping. My sister suggested acupuncture. Now, I don’t usually listen to my sister but I knew she had tried it for a knee injury with success and she mentioned a friend who’d had success with allergies. I thought why not? It was amazing. After the first few treatments I had positive results. I could talk normally again and my throat felt clean and clear. I haven’t had to use any of my former prescriptions or products. I can’t tell you enough Karen B. to be able to do gardening, camping, hiking, or just sit out and enjoy my yard without worrying about the allergic reactions I would have had a year ago.

Karen B.

Treated (for): Hay Fever, Allergies, Allergic Rhinitis

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