Has kept me in the best possible condition

I am a 53 year old woman who trains horses for a living and has a martial arts filled past. In other words, I am a gold mine of old and current injuries, particularly my ankle, shoulders and lower back. Steve Phillips with his athletic savvy and acupuncture talents has kept me in the best […]

My shoulder could have had surgery

Acupuncture therapy with Dr Steve Phillips for couple of months has been the perfect treatment to my pain on my shoulder and ankle and my recovery has exceed my own expectations. My shoulder could have had surgery as an option but Dr Phillips and his treatments took care of it and made a huge difference. […]

My ankles and wrists significantly improved

Although I am only in my early 50’s, my arthritis problems started about 10 years ago and significantly worsened over the past year. Most significantly affected were my knees, ankles and wrists/hands. After being told by a physician that I “just have to learn to live with arthritis”, I decided to try acupuncture. I have […]

Keeps my Sacramento allergies at bay

Testimonial for Steve Phillips I have been seeing Steve for several years for treatment of arthritis in my left ankle, right knee, both thumbs and lower back. In addition, he keeps my Sacramento allergies at bay by treating my sinuses. I firmly believe that the acupuncture treatments have helped to keep my arthritic joints moving […]