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I had been in so much pain

I would like to Thank Steve Phillips, M.A., L.Ac. for helping me to get my life back! I had been in so much pain in the last 5 years. I was unable to garden, walk the dogs, wash dishes or cook the pain was so bad. And all so not sleeping because of the pain. …

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Am back to my jogging

For the past two months I have had a nagging pain in my left lateral quadriceps muscle which has been treated with anti-inflammatory meds, physical therapy and steroid injections, with little improvement. I had a patient who had had chronic back pain that hadn’t responded to physical therapy and she had seen Steve Phillips and …

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Reduced and stabilized my pain levels

I have experienced significant back pain during the past 8 years. I have utilized physical therapy, Chiropractic and physician-instigated interventions. All produced limited results. About six years ago, during an internet search, I happened upon Steve Phillips, Acupuncturist. Since my first visit, I began to experience reduction of my nearly constant pain. His treatments have …

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Really hate needles!

Steve, I really hate needles! That tells you how difficult it was for me to go to an Acupuncturist. My husband had gone to Steve Phillips with great success, so I gave him a try. I had tennis elbow and was in a lot of pain. After five visits, the pain was gone and it …

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Very professional

Steve Phillips has been treating me for around two years assisting me to cope with several chronic medical issues of mine, which include chronic low back pain, a rotator cuff problem in my shoulder, and anxiety. I can say without any doubt that Steve is very professional and has a deep concern for his patients. …

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Today I feel strong

After a fall two years ago, doctors found signs of multiple sclerosis. Ever since then, Steve has been treating me for that as well as back and leg pain and weakness. Today I feel strong and stable, and I look forward to my future with confidence and enthusiasm. The acupuncture has also helped me a …

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