Acupuncture gives me relief from my chronic pain and exhaustion

Acupuncture gives me relief from my chronic pain and exhaustion

In the 17+ years since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on medical specialists, prescription medicines, herbal supplements, and therapies (e.g., biofeedback, hypnosis, massage, magnets, chiropractic treatments, Kinesiology)—with little or no results. My chronic pain, fatigue, and all the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia continued to worsen. I was referred to Steve Phillips in 2000, after my third car accident in less than one year (hit by a tour bus!). In addition to the injuries sustained to my neck and low back from the accidents, the physical trauma made the fibromyalgia excruciating. After receiving acupuncture treatments from Steve for only a month, I noticed that my pain had lessened and stamina/energy increased. I was able to sit, walk, or stand, for two or more hours at a time and not be in agony. Previously, I could not sit, stand or do anything for more than 20 minutes without having to shift/constantly change position, take pain medications, stop the activity, or lie down.

Acupuncture is one of the few things I have found over all these years that gives me relief from my chronic pain and exhaustion and affords me a more normal life. It’s not just the acupuncture, but Steve has a calming, compassionate, and positive demeanor that is therapeutic. His caring approach, years of expertise in this art, and extensive knowledge of herbs and natural curatives make him a true healer. I have referred Steve to numerous friends and family members who have also had amazing results.

Carol K.

Treated (for): Pain Management, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Energy Enhancement and Energy Balancing, Back Pain - Low, Auto Accident

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