I’m not taking a lot of the medications I was once placed on.

I’m not taking a lot of the medications I was once placed on.

Hi my name is Jean G. I had a medical procedure on 5-2-06 which left me with numerous complications. The very next day I started having tremors. I was told to go to the ER. The doctor I saw thought I may have had Parkinson’s. The tremors were very visible from the top of my head to my feet shaking non-stop. Because of the constant movement it set off other medical complications to my head, neck and jaw.

Two months later this caused my jaw to move off track and then migraines began. Over the past 14 months I’ve seen numerous doctors. I was placed on all kinds of medications but no one could help diagnosis me. It became frustrating and very depressing, I saw one specialist after another. I’d given up on the medical profession & doctors — you see I’ve worked in the medical field for 22 years now. The migraines I’d experience were weekly and I had to get shots just to help with the pain.

But in January and early February I was involved in 2 auto accidents which caused additional complications. My doctor didn’t know what to do so he suggested I go to a chiropractor. The two car accidents turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I never knew what holistic medicine was until I went to it the chiropractor said he’d not seen a case like mine for a number of years. Because of my progress was slow and painful he suggested I try acupuncture. My nerves were on high alert constantly.

My insurance company sent me a list of acupuncturists in the area. I didn’t know of any so I ran them by my chiropractor. He’d heard of Dr. Phillips so I called, made an appointment and started treatments.

After a few treatments the migraines slowed down and the tremors eased up little by little. They actually stopped for the first time in 14 months. I actually had a feeling of hope to living a normal life again. The tremors stopped in April and most of May but came back—the doctors don’t know why, the migraines aren’t like they used to be.

I feel like Dr. Phillips with his experience and years of practicing acupuncture has helped. I’ve meet 2 very good doctors who care about the quality and care of each and every patient. Dr. Phillips spends time with you and is genuinely concerned about your welfare. I would like to thank Dr. Phillips for everything he’s done for me. I feel better than I have in quite some time. The tremors and migraines fluctuate, but I’m not taking a lot of the medications I was once placed on.

The power of positive thinking will also improve your health as well. Thank you Dr. Phillips for all you’ve done for me in a short amount of time. Keep up the great job.

Jean G.

Treated (for): Tremors, Migraine and Tension Headaches, Headaches, Auto Accident

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