I have gotten my life back

After 25 years of suffering from migraine headaches and trying different medications, I was tired of taking drugs and not getting any long time relief. My neurologist suggested I try acupuncture. After just a few sessions, I could feel a difference. I’ve been getting acupuncture treatments once per month for several years now and they […]

I would highly recommend seeing Steve for relief

I have suffered with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) for 4 years, with that comes Insulin resistance, weight gain and painful periods. My Doctor put me on medication to help with the insulin resistance and that made me very sick, he took me off it and told me I need to watch what I eat […]

Migraines are a thing of the past

I was a migraine sufferer for over 20 years. My migraines left me debilitated. I would lose up to 3 days a month, lying in bed where the slightest noise or smallest amount of light would cause me torment. The doctors that I saw and the medications they prescribed did very little to help. The […]

I’ve reduced my usage of migraine medicine by 95%

As a lifelong sufferer of both migraine and tension headaches, my consumption of prescription and non-prescription pain relievers had reached a critical level. My primary care doctor suggested it was time to research alternative treatments. At my first appointment with Steve Phillips, I had the beginnings of a headache. An hour later, I walked out […]

One of the best decisions of my life

Acupuncture has been a real lifesaver! I used to get migraine headaches 3-4 times a week. I tried practically every medication out there including botox injections. Nothing worked… until I was told about Steve Phillips and the Acupuncture Clinic. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. Steve did a complete review of my […]

I always leave feeling revitalized

I am so glad I tried acupuncture. In the past I have tried many different treatments for my headaches with mediocre results. I never expected such wonderful results as I have gotten with acupuncture. Since a teenager I have suffered from daily headaches & more often than not migraines. Since coming to Steve Philips Acupuncture […]

No negative side effects

Hello Steve, Thank you for asking me to do an acupuncture testimonial. My personal story is an example of the timelessness of acupuncture. I practiced acupuncture as a physician in Romania 25 years ago. At that time it was something new and people used it to treat their chronic diseases along with Western medicine. At […]

I was willing to try anything and everything

LIFE CHANGING! No more drugs! My health has improved incredibly since having acupuncture by Steve Phillips. Many years ago when living in Bangkok, Thailand, my ankle was bothering me terribly, and my father suggested I try his acupuncturist at a local clinic. The clinic was very popular; I was instructed to lie down on a […]

So much better

After a year of life-altering neck pain and migraines caused by herniated discs, which was never helped by months of physical therapy or anti-inflammatories, I felt desperate. My family was planning a week long vacation (to Disneyland) over Thanksgiving week and I couldn’t bear the thought of being in pain the entire time. So I […]