I was willing to try anything and everything


No more drugs! My health has improved incredibly since having acupuncture by Steve Phillips.

Many years ago when living in Bangkok, Thailand, my ankle was bothering me terribly, and my father suggested I try his acupuncturist at a local clinic. The clinic was very popular; I was instructed to lie down on a bed—one of about a dozen, all lined up in a row, and the needles were inserted. I had expected a quiet, peaceful experience, but this being Bangkok, it was chaos! It seemed all the beds were located in what appeared to be almost a hallway, and hundreds of people came and went, there was blaring music, and the chatter of all those folks nearby. Unfortunately, the treatments weren’t successful, so I didn’t emerge with a positive attitude towards acupuncture.

Thirty years later, I found myself suffering from migraine headaches that nearly stopped my ability to get up in the morning and go to work—at about 3 a.m. practically every morning, the pain would start, and I would gulp down more than the prescribed number of pills. A dear friend recommended my going to Steve Phillips, and in spite of my recollection of acupuncture in Bangkok, I was willing to try anything and everything to relieve my painful mornings.

In about a month after starting treatments, I was no longer a prisoner of 3 o’clock in the morning! The setting is delightful—a spacious, private treatment room with soothing music. Nearly a year has passed since starting to visit Steve, and my life has changed incredibly! It is now an unusual event to have a migraine—due entirely to my regular visits to Steve. As you can imagine, I am deeply grateful to Steve for enabling me to greet each morning with enthusiasm!

Lynn S.

Treated (for): Migraine and Tension Headaches, Headaches, General Health

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