Plagued with chronic neck and upper back pain

Plagued with chronic neck and upper back pain

In 1978 I rolled and was thrown from a pickup truck. The truck ended up landing on me smashing me from the shoulders down. Since that time I have been plagued with chronic neck and upper back pain. Since 1978 I have tried a number of things to alleviate the pain. I have tried massage, physical therapy, heat, ice, & chiropractic (usually see a chiropractor 20-25 times EVERY year.) While I have got some relief from the pain it is usually short lived. To make matters even worse in 2007 I rolled my car and was again pinned for over an hour half in half out of the car. Pain began spiraling out of control. My neck would get so tight I had a hard time turning to my left at all.

After 10 weeks of chiropractic care this year I talked to my Primary Care physician who recommended physical therapy. I opted to try Acupuncture first and am very glad I did. I felt some relief after the first treatment with Steve and had marked improvement after just 3 visits. By visit number 6 I felt ready to settle in for just maintenance appts as I felt so good.

Steve is Great!

Lisa P.

Treated (for): Neck Pain, Back Pain - Upper, Auto Accident

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