Near death auto accident

Near death auto accident

I had a near death auto accident 4/20/08. My rib cage was all broken up, L. clavicle and L. Knee fractured. Went through jaw of life, life flight, ER, ICU, hospital stays, nursing home, PT rehab and home care. After 6 months, I went back to work on limited time schedule. For all that, I am grateful to the conventional medicine.

But I was still on the pain medicine by the end of the year. Progress is slow. Pain was real. It was always winter and never Christmas, until my dear HMO gave me permission of 6 appointments with Dr. Steve Phillips.

Before the first appointment, I was scared about needles of any kind. And I was not sure if a Caucasian American knows enough to help me with a Chinese TCM technique. I procrastinated about calling for the first appointment. By the end of January, my pain got worse and then I saw the web site on the testimonials. Many of the testimonials are from health care professionals.

After that it is history. The first session got me off the pain medicine the same day. I thank God for His mysterious way. I am a Professional Engineer. I was trained to be analytical, question and doubt. But like faith, my journey is only proven by my own first hand experience. I am here to testify Dr Steve Phillips helps me through a high mountain of my life. And I thank God for his service.

David Choi, July 30, 2009

Treated (for): Rib Pain, Knee Pain, Chest Pain, Auto Accident

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