Thank you for the acupuncture treatments

Dear Steve, Thank you for the acupuncture treatments. You have not only helped me with the treatments for the pain in my back and neck, but for the T.M.J. and inner ear. Thanks Steve

To my surprise, the needles do not hurt

After a fall, I had experienced fairly constant neck, shoulder and back pain even after physical therapy. The pain specialist recommended acupuncture. I did not expect much relief and was not looking forward to the needles. However, to my surprise, the needles do not hurt and after a few sessions, I realized that the pain […]

Ibuprofen wasn’t working

Nine years ago, I endured a car accident that caused me a “whiplash” injury to the right side of my neck. At the time of the accident and for a several months following, I was in a significant amount of pain. Although it seemed to gradually decrease with the use of ibuprofen and physical therapy. […]

I was in constant pain

Dear Steve: I wanted to write to let you know how thoroughly surprised and happy I am with the results of the acupuncture treatments I received, and am still receiving, from you for my chronic back and neck pain. When I originally came to you it was as a last ditch effort to avoid a […]

Dear Steve

Dear Steve, I would like to thank you for all of your wonderful knowledge and expertise in your practice of acupuncture over these years. As you know I came to you with a debilitating back injury. The treatments you gave to me cured it completely to this day. I have followed your advice with the […]

In desperation tried acupuncture

I was in a major motor vehicle accident in 1996. A car t-boned the side of my car at 45 miles per hour. I had a punctured lung, hemorrhaged spleen, 7 broken ribs, broken collar bone, shattered pelvis and a multi-broken and cracked tail bone. I was in ICU at UCD Med Center for approximately […]

Plagued with chronic neck and upper back pain

In 1978 I rolled and was thrown from a pickup truck. The truck ended up landing on me smashing me from the shoulders down. Since that time I have been plagued with chronic neck and upper back pain. Since 1978 I have tried a number of things to alleviate the pain. I have tried massage, […]