Acupuncture as an essential piece

Following my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I was prescribed two medications for pain and needed them around-the-clock. I then received a referral from the South Sacramento Kaiser Pain Clinic to try acupuncture with Steve Phillips. At first I was treated weekly and found that I was moving better with less pain. I dropped back to every …

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Acupuncture gives me relief from my chronic pain and exhaustion

In the 17+ years since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on medical specialists, prescription medicines, herbal supplements, and therapies (e.g., biofeedback, hypnosis, massage, magnets, chiropractic treatments, Kinesiology)—with little or no results. My chronic pain, fatigue, and all the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia continued to worsen. I …

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A convert for acupuncture!!!

I want to say that I was skeptical about acupuncture at first. I’d been in medical training where we had to practice injections on our classmates, and I don’t mind telling you that it hurt sometimes. The idea of putting needles in me all over the body was not what I was looking forward to. …

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