Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture Microsystems & Reflections on the Holographic Body

“Fractality” and microsystems used in Acupuncture You have probably heard of fractals—geometric forms that defy our usual definition of shape and size—as a fractal shape possesses infinite detail which repeats itself at every size or scale of magnitude. The human body possesses fractality in its physical structure, movement, stages of development, and in the system […]

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A Healthy Balance

Have you ever watched with rapt attention a world-class ballet dancer in action? Or a champion figure skater? Or a first-rate martial artist? The physical and mental equilibrium displayed, the grace and fluidity of motion, create a poetry in space which gives us a true appreciation of the idea of balance. In the visual arts,

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Why Balance Promotes Healing

Balancing the body’s energy—we have all heard this phrase. This is essentially what acupuncture does, and it can have profound effects on our health and sense of well-being. In Oriental medicine, the concept of balance is fundamental to an understanding of health and disease. This is particularly the case with acupuncture, which concerns itself primarily

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