Health benefits beyond my expectation

Through my sessions of acupuncture with Steve Phillips, I have experienced health benefits beyond my expectation. Having never experienced acupuncture for myself, and yet hearing what benefits others had received, I decided to give acupuncture a try. When I consulted Steve Phillips for treatments, I was experiencing difficulty with sleep, with waking up feeling tired and lethargic, with puffy eye areas, worsening menstrual cycle symptoms, and a general feeling of malaise. I had tried over the counter and prescription medications for help with these areas, but my symptoms were not resolving, they were getting worse. I changed my diet to mostly vegetarian, exercised, and sought to decrease stress in my daily life, and yet, I
still wasn’t really “up to par”. I increased exercise, only to find that I still continued with my symptoms, and in fact, stopped the exercise all together because my energy levels declined to an all time low. It was at this time that I met Steve Phillips and began to participate in acupuncture therapy for a period of a few weeks. Since that time I have had the first PMS free cycle I have had in 20 years, my eyes are not puffy, the malaise is mostly gone, I am exercising again.

Throughout the course of my treatment with herbal supplements and acupuncture treatments from Steve Phillips, I have been impressed with his consistent and calm nature and with his thorough approach in assisting others through his practice. I feel that Steve has helped me to move into a recovery that is a “milestone” experience for my health. Steve’s experience and expertise made all the difference. I also brought my daughter to Steve’s clinic for help with her cigarette smoking addiction. She has stopped smoking, and has never said one word about missing the cigarettes. I am thankful to know that in this busy world, that there are still practitioners and health advocates who really make a difference, in the lives of people like me, who just want to know better health and to feel well.

Thanks to you for reading my testimonial, I hope that it may encourage you today, and that if you the reader may benefit from acupuncture treatments, I hope that you find a practitioner with excellence such as I did, someone who can assist you into your better health. Thanks also to Steve Phillips, for a job well done. I feel very comfortable recommending him to my close friends, and to my family.

K. Summers, RN, age 39
Sacramento, California
June 2007

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