After my first treatment with Steve, the relief was tremendous

I met Steve Phillips over 10 years ago during Martial Arts training. I began to visit Steve because I was looking for a healthier alternative to Western medicine. Steve uses a comprehensive approach toward helping people live better lives through better health. Steve’s acupuncture treatments and his knowledge of herbal remedies, are a pleasant change […]

Health benefits beyond my expectation

Through my sessions of acupuncture with Steve Phillips, I have experienced health benefits beyond my expectation. Having never experienced acupuncture for myself, and yet hearing what benefits others had received, I decided to give acupuncture a try. When I consulted Steve Phillips for treatments, I was experiencing difficulty with sleep, with waking up feeling tired […]

Thank you Steve for making me feel so much better

If like me you’ve spent loads of money and time seeing the doctor for chronic fatigue, sore throat and painful glands, headaches, PMS and depression and nothing seems to help, I would look no further than this website and make an appointment to see Steve for some acupuncture. I got mono while I was living […]

Found relief for various injuries

I have been going to Steve Phillips for several years. I am 57 and have found relief for various injuries, including “tennis elbow” and a too-stretched glute muscle. He has also treated me for allergies, sinus problems, bladder infections and premenstrual symptoms. Once a month “energy balancing” treatments have helped keep me very healthy for […]