Worth a try

Six years ago when I relocated to Sacramento, I expected that to have allergy issues with my outside activities. It did happen and I needed over the counter allergy pills and nose spray to get through the seasons. I found that the medication was had negative side effects and wanted a better solution. I had tried acupuncture before for other conditions and was convinced that it would be worth a try. I researched the area and decided that Steve Phillips had the depth of experience and training that might help me. As I now conclude my second year with him I no longer need pills and nose spray. In fact, I have been allergy medicine free in 2010.

Steve has also been helping me extensively with a tennis elbow injury and temporary hearing loss. Both conditions have shown improvement through his treatment. I highly recommend Steve Phillips as a very professional and caring practitioner of acupuncture.

Peter T.

Treated (for): Tennis Elbow, Hearing Loss and Tinnitis, Hay Fever, Allergic Rhinitis

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