Acupuncture has enabled me to continue working

I have tendonitis in my wrists that was so severe it made it very difficult to keyboard, which is 90% of what I do on the job. Acupuncture has enabled me to continue working, by relieving the pain for extended periods of time. When the pain returns it has never been at the severity it […]

My energy level has greatly improved

Testimonial for Steve Phillips I had been having left shoulder pain for a very long time and right knee pain for at least 2 months, and had decided I would have to live with it. I thought that it was just part of getting older, along with the loss of energy and “hot flashes”. When […]

Within six treatments I was on my feet again and sleeping well

I am an active 63 years old male. But 8 years ago, I found myself facing two ruptured vertebrae disks in my lower back. I couldn’t walk more than 100 feet before needing to sit down, and the horrific pain was non-stop. Eventually, I found acupuncture. Within six treatments I was on my feet again […]

My ankles and wrists significantly improved

Although I am only in my early 50’s, my arthritis problems started about 10 years ago and significantly worsened over the past year. Most significantly affected were my knees, ankles and wrists/hands. After being told by a physician that I “just have to learn to live with arthritis”, I decided to try acupuncture. I have […]