I am completely out of pain most all of the time

I had never considered acupuncture before in my life because I was mildly frightened by the idea of multiple needles. However, when traditional therapies such as exercise, massage, and medicines failed to heal back spasms that had lasted for months, my doctor advised me to try acupuncture and gave me the names of a few […]

Dear Steve

Dear Steve, I would like to thank you for all of your wonderful knowledge and expertise in your practice of acupuncture over these years. As you know I came to you with a debilitating back injury. The treatments you gave to me cured it completely to this day. I have followed your advice with the […]

In desperation tried acupuncture

I was in a major motor vehicle accident in 1996. A car t-boned the side of my car at 45 miles per hour. I had a punctured lung, hemorrhaged spleen, 7 broken ribs, broken collar bone, shattered pelvis and a multi-broken and cracked tail bone. I was in ICU at UCD Med Center for approximately […]