The operative word here is treatment

I sought acupuncture for my husband, Bill J’s neuropathy in the left side of his abdomen. This is one of the more unusual sites for diabetic neuropathy and standard medical practice has little to offer besides drugs. After only a few treatments with Dr. Phillips we began to see results and at this writing Bill has had 7 treatments with more than 50 percent improvement in his pain and discomfort as well as a general feeling of well being without the use of drugs. Our appointments with Dr. Phillips are very positive, relaxed and uplifting. I feel that the operative word here is treatment, when you go to Dr. Phillips you are treated for exactly what is troubling you in a pleasant personal and relaxed atmosphere. My husband and I are very pleased with the results of Dr. Phillips’ Acupuncture.

Della J.

Treated (for): Well Being, Peripheral Neuropathy

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