My Neurologist had told me not to do any painting

My Mom, in her 80’s, had seen Steve Phillips for her back pain and found acupuncture was quite helpful. Since I’d had such trouble with neck pain and couldn’t seem to find any permanent relief I was desperate. My Neurologist had told me not to do any painting, but being stubborn and since it needed to be done, I had painted the ceiling in the bathroom! Since my Parkinson’s diagnosis, complicated by Dystonia over 5 years ago, I was determined not to let my disease take over my life. As a result, I have been fortunate in working with my medical “team” to employ a whole body wellness approach and I believe my overall health has been improved greatly. When I began having so much neck pain, my neurologist had suggested I try acupuncture. I told him I knew a good acupuncture doctor and called for an appointment. Since I began seeing Steve in October 2007 I have also noticed my tremor has lessoned too. Of course, I’m still on medication (which I’m working on reducing); I see my neurologists regularly and my chiropractor, and try to have a massage every now and then. But I look forward to my acupuncture every 3 weeks and find that if I have a particular area that I feel needs work, all I have to do is mention it and relief is on it’s way. I’ve told many of my friends about acupuncture and recommend it for anyone, especially if you have any kind of stress in your life. Stress just makes any disease or condition worse, so try acupuncture—you’ll be glad you did.

Dorothy W.

Treated (for): Tremors, Neck Pain

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