My headaches have become nearly non-existant

I was experiencing constant headaches at varying degrees for a period of about two months. Although an MRI ensured that my headaches were not life threatening, traditional doctors did not provide any methods of prevention or cure other than prescription painkillers. While I’ve always been a skeptic of holistic medicine, I decided to follow the advice of some family members who have had their ailments relieved by acupuncture. I proceeded to pursue treatment through Dr. Phillips.

After the first treatment, my pain was noticeably improved, so I was compelled to return for further treatments. Dr. Phillips assured me that I wouldn’t be completely cured after my first visit, but a course of treatments over time should relieve my headaches with some degree of permanence. Now after a combination of about ten acupuncture treatments and a course of herbal supplements provided by Dr. Phillips, my headaches have become nearly non-existant. While the headaches at first were completely debilitating to me, affecting both my job and home life, they now have become a seldom and manageable occurrence. I am both surprised and impressed by the results I’ve gotten from Dr. Phillips’ services, and plan on continuing preventative treatment with him. I would not hesitate to seek Dr. Phillips help or advice on any ailments that may arise in the future.

Scott O.

Treated (for): Headaches

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