I have a new zest for life

To: Dr. Steve Phillips
This is an appreciation letter.
I have had a pain in both knees and both of the bottom of my feet. My two feet was numbing I can barely walk, I see the orthopedic so many times, he helped me with my pain, but I still had a stiffness with my knees and the bottom of my feet. After that I talk to a woman, she asked me if I see acupuncturist, I told her no, and she encourage me to go. And I found your name in the yellow page. After I visited you three days I already feel good. What a blessing to have you as my Dr! Right now I feel great and alive again and I have a new zest for life. You saved my life. Now I can walk as much as I want. God bless you and keep you well.


Treated (for): Peripheral Neuropathy, Knee Pain

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