I feel so much relief from acupuncture

I have had chronic neck pain for over 4 years. About 2-3 times per month I would wake up in the morning and not be able to move my neck. This made driving pretty much unbearable. I have tried chiropractors, massage therapy, had several sets of x-rays done and completed physical therapy. I didn’t want to change my lifestyle either. I drive a lot, sit at a computer a lot and exercise often. But it seemed like no matter what I tried I would still get neck pain. Nothing worked for me until I started acupuncture about 3 months ago. My friend, who also goes to Steve, referred me to his acupuncture clinic. I feel so much relief from acupuncture. Since I have started acupuncture I have had mornings free of neck pain and its great. Its also a very relaxing experience for me as well. I just about fall asleep during my treatments. I have already started recommending acupuncture to my friends and family.

Thanks Steve!

K. Newbill

Treated (for): Neck Pain

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