I couldn’t believe how well acupuncture really works

Having hives is horrible with the horrendous itching & scratching, making it very difficult to be out in public without making a spectacle of myself. I went to the doctor for help, and she gave me some anti-itch medicines that
didn’t really help. So, one day I was at a Natural Foods store and I found some books on natural remedies. A book for healing infections said to use acupuncture. Well, my mom, who is a client of Dr. Steve Phillips, had suggested him before, so I decided to give it a try: I never really did trust that acupuncture would work. I went to Dr. Phillips, he did the pricks, and I went home with a scheduled appointment for one week afterward. The hives immediately went away within a day, and for the remaining week basically I itched only when I sweat. I couldn’t believe how well acupuncture really works.

Elk Grove, CA

Treated (for): Hives

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