Fever at 104°

Several years back, I came home after having been out with friends to a “foreign food” restaurant I had never tried before, and that evening I got sick, and fell asleep on my living room floor.

I didn’t wake up. I never made it in to work, and I never missed as I had the keys. My boss and one of her friends pounded on my door until I awoke, groggy and foggy, sick. They took me to Kaiser where I was tested for Spinal Meningitis, but had negative results. I was terribly dehydrated so they put four bags of saline in me. As the Kaiser crew failed to find the problem, they advised I take Tylenol and go home. I did and kept getting sicker, fever at 104°. Also, I had no appetite and could not hold down food.

So my boss and friend took me to see Steve Phillips: He looked at my tongue, eyes, skin, asked me if I had eaten any place new, I said “yes”, and as I recall, he said, “I think you have Yang Ming fever”…ok. He did some acupuncture on me, mixed up some awful tasting concoction of roots or whatever, which I drank, and lay there for about 2 hours.

Over the third hour my fever came down, I got hungry and could speak coherently again. In a few days I was back on my feet. I truly believe Steve Phillips saved my life, and Kaiser, was just a bit off course on this one.

Thanks Steve! Best wishes and prosperity!

Dave Lynch
Guitar Workshop
Sacramento, CA
Since 1996

Treated (for): General Health, Fever

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