About 95% to almost 100% recovered

One day we noticed that our 11 year old daughter lost movement on her left side of her face. Early signs were she was having difficulties keeping liquid in her mouth; her left eye would not close completely shut; and her smile was crooked to one side. We took her to a neurologist who diagnosed her with mild to moderate Bell’s Palsy. Oral steroids were recommended but it would come with certain possible side effects. We felt that we needed to do something and opted to go with acupuncture.

Because we didn’t know any acupuncturist in the Sacramento area, I googled and found Steve Phillips on the Internet. I called and spoke with Steve Phillips and asked lots of questions. Dr. Phillips was very helpful and patient on the phone. I also spoke with another acupuncturist that someone recommended but was bit turned off by her absolute promise to cure.

Subsequently, my daughter had three sessions with Dr. Phillips during a 3 week period. My daughter after three sessions is now about 95% to almost 100% recovered. We are very grateful to Dr. Phillips.

Sam Chu

Treated (for): Bell's Palsy

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