Results were so stunning (20 years of chronic pain gone!!)

I began treating for plantar fasciitis, and the results were so stunning (20 years of chronic pain gone!!) that I asked about other ailments that acupuncture might help with, including back pain (instant relief!), and my sense of smell. After taking a prescription nasal spray I lost my sense of smell a few years back, and since I had been informed that might be a side effect, I thought nothing of the loss. However, it was a huge annoyance to friends and family who couldn’t understand that I just didn’t smell, anything! When I discussed the situation with Steve, he tackled the issue with enthusiasm. After just one treatment I was smelling the fragrant incense he uses in his office, which I’d never before noticed. The results, like the elimination of my chronic pain, were once again amazing. Traditional doctors said there was nothing that could be done to regain my sense of smell. But they were wrong. After just one month with acupuncture, I’ve regained a significant amount of my smell.

The treatments are soothing and relaxing and I’m just amazed at the range of ailments and symptoms that can be relieved or eliminated with acupuncture. While I believe in acupuncture, I also believe the acupuncturist is the most important component of the treatment, and Steve is excellent to work with. He listens to ensure he understands the issue, is patient and persistent in locating the source of the pain or injury, and makes sure you understand the recommended course of treatment. I can’t thank him enough for eliminating my painful plantar fasciitis and giving me back my sense of smell. Thank you, thank you!!


Treated (for): Plantar Fasciitis, Anosmia (loss of sense of smell)

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