You’re Sick and Tired of Fatigue: How Acupuncture can Help

I have received calls from patients from all walks of life who complain of ongoing fatigue, mild to overwhelming. Sometimes they simply wish they had more energy to work more efficiently, to play with more pleasure. And then there are those too tired to do anything, complaining of an overwhelming and debilitating tiredness. I have found that acupuncture has helped many of them, especially when combined with Chinese herbal medicine, and here is how.

There are many causes of fatigue, and acupuncture helps in all cases by balancing and enhancing the life energy of the body, called “chi” in Chinese. At the root of fatigue lies a deficiency of chi. More precisely, there can be a deficiency of chi, yin yang or blood. I’ll explain these concepts of Chinese medicine to you if we meet. But at the root is a deficiency of life energy.

Energy and Acupuncture

The energy flows through channels called meridians. Along these meridians lie the acupuncture points. If the energy is deficient or the flow is blocked, disease will result. Fine needles are inserted at strategic acupuncture points to enhance and balance the energy. The body starts to heal.

Most patients feel healthier and energized after a course of treatments.


In many cases I also use “adaptogenic” herbs to hasten progress. Research has proved that these herbs have a non-specific strengthening effect on the immune system, as well as other systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems.

Some patients I see have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome due to Epstein Barr virus. They will often have other symptoms, like swollen lymph glads and chronic, low-grade fever. In this case, I use acupuncture as described above. Along with adaptogenic herbs, I use herbs which have a strong antiviral effect.

I invite you to read testimonials kindly written by some patients I have treated who had fatigue as their main complaint or as one complaint among others.

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