When to Join the Team of Injured Athletes who use Acupuncture

[bs_lead]When? Whenever your doctor has failed to help your nagging injury. Or whenever you want to heal faster from a sprain or strain so you can get back to training.[/bs_lead]

lone runnerI have treated a lot of sports injuries, mostly among cross-fitters, marathoners, tennis players, golfers, weightlifters and baseball players. I love treating athletes because they are all motivated. Motivated to train, to compete, and to heal quickly when injured. Down time is an unwanted option, one to be minimized, and they have discovered acupuncture helps them to heal faster.

There are 2 types of athletic injuries—acute and chronic.

  • Acute cases generally involve a sudden trauma to a joint or muscle. In addition to rest, ice, compression and elevation, acupuncture suppresses inflammation and swelling, speeding up the healing process. For injuries that do not require surgery.
  • Chronic cases are what I see most often. Athletes frequently turn to alternative treatments for nagging, persistent problems.

A chronic injury develops from repetitive trauma. Or from an acute injury that did not heal completely. Acupuncture reduces pain, promotes circulation in joints, and stimulates the body’s healing capabilities. It does this by increasing the flow of vital energy to the area, called “chi” in Chinese. When the energy is flowing correctly, the body heals itself.

For chronic cases, acupuncture trigger-point therapy is invaluable. I am pleased to say this is one of my areas of expertise. Trigger point therapy releases constrictions in muscle tissue by deactivating trigger points. This eliminates pain and allows muscles to lengthen and normalize, improving athletic performance.

Many professional athletic teams now employ acupuncturists because they recognize acupuncture’s effectiveness.

The most common sports injuries I have seen are plantar fasciitis, shin splints, nagging muscular pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow, shoulder pain, back pain, and sprained joints.

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-paperclip”] I would like to share some testimonials from patients who were kind enough to write about their sports injuries and how acupuncture helped.