I was looking for an acupuncturist with an extensive knowledge in Sacramento Area and I came across Steve on the net search. Prior to beginning my acupuncture with Steve, I had a few sessions with another practitioner in LA who was fairly new to his practice. While those sessions were very helpful, I am very glad that I stumbled upon Steve.

I primarily came for my anxiety/stress issues which stemmed from having a strict upbringing as well as a number of emotional issues such as going through war, losing a loved one, and moving from place to place, which, at times, can be very emotionally draining.

Prior to sessions with Steve, I already had Tai Chi as well as Yoga at my disposal, but I thought that adding another healing tool could not hurt. Being fairly new to Tai Chi and the workings of internal energy and breathing, I had a general understanding of how the acupuncture might work. The principles of Tai Chi are such that any tightness in the muscles leads to unnecessary strain and imbalance in the body, and that in order to regain health, it is imperative to rid oneself of that strain. Unfortunately, that strain accumulates in the body as we experience stressful events. It is ok to experience stressful events, as long as we are aware that the tightness in the muscles must be released. Even the smallest muscle tightness can throw the whole body out of balance.

In my case, having the needle inserted into a muscle that's tight, has done wonders. I'm sure that it's a whole lot more thoughtful than this if you read Chinese literature, but I am very scientific person and I think that there's a scientific value to acupuncture. My problem turned out to be a very tense lower back which prevented me from deep breathing. Even though I did Tai Chi and Yoga which are great tools for anyone, my problem turned out to be an inability to consciously release tightness of certain deeper muscles in my lower back. Acupuncture did just that, primarily because I did not have to do anything consciously.

It can take some time for it to start working as we have accumulated tightness in our bodies for a lifetime. Muscles will not relax all at once, but rather over time with some patience. I always make sure that I'm good to myself and that if any emotions surface after an acupuncture session, I have to fully let them be and accept them. Any resistance will just further constrict the muscles. I hope that my review can be helpful to some who have had a very stressful life.


I have had back spasms cause by tension for the last 40 years. I discovered in my 20's that acupuncture was just as effective as muscle relaxants but had no side effect. (Muscle relaxants always made me feel unpleasantly nauseous and drowsy.)

The occurrence of spasms had slowly decreased over the years. However, when I lost my job last summer, the spasms returned. Between September and December, I had 5 absolutely debilitating spasms, one after another, each lasting a week or more. By the fifth spasm, I was desperate to find some relief. My good luck was in finding Steve Phillips.

I was astounded after my first visit with Steve because his treatment completely released the spasm. Previously, acupuncture (and medication) had reduced the pain of spasms and shortened my recovery time, but had never been this effective. Although my muscles were sore, the spasm was, in fact, gone.

Since that first treatment, I have continued periodic treatments to relieve and manage my stress and have not had a single back spasm. Quite amazing


Steve Phillip is a uniquely talented acupuncturist; he has my whole-hearted recommendation.

Linda B.

Nine years ago, I endured a car accident that caused me a "whiplash" injury to the right side of my neck. At the time of the accident and for a several months following, I was in a significant amount of pain.

Although it seemed to gradually decrease with the use of ibuprofen and physical therapy. My physical therapist warned me that I would need to keep my body strong with exercise and stretches to prevent further injury or pain. However, what I failed to know at the time was that exercises and stretches wouldn't be enough. I carried a heavy backpack on one shoulder for many years during my college career. Bad idea!

This act alone increased my injury exponentially more than I anticipated. I always maintained a very healthy lifestyle, exercising and stretching as advised, yet my injury was worsening. About four years after my accident, I had reached the point where my neck and back would spasm out of control, causing excruciating pain to the point where some days I could not function with normal, daily tasks.

This began to happen more frequently, and I was having pain in places I hadn't before. The pain was radiating through the entire right side of my back, my neck, and my head. It was intolerable. I didn't know what to do anymore. Ibuprofen wasn't working, certain exercises seemed to aggravate the pain further, Yoga helped somewhat, but nothing was quite enough. By word of mouth, I heard about Steve Phillips' acupuncture practice. I had always wanted to try acupuncture but was afraid I couldn't afford it. Fortunately, I took the risk and attempted my first visit. Lo and behold, I was able to pay a reasonable cost that allowed me to receive my first treatment. The immediate relief I felt was invaluable. My pain ceased almost instantly, and I found the treatment to be incredibly peaceful and calming. Later, I realized that my back wasn't going into spasms anymore and I wasn't accumulating pain like before. I was absolutely thrilled! I finally found a treatment that is effective over a long term and doesn't require medication that potentially poisons my liver.

I continued going to treatments, a few times a month at first and now once a month for maintenance. A price tag cannot be placed on the relief I experience from acupuncture. I've even found that I look forward to my treatments and use the time to clear my mind, relax, meditate, de-stress, or even pray. By the time my treatment is over, I'm out of pain, relaxed, and my mind is clear. I am able to walk out of the clinic in confidence that I can live my life virtually pain free.

I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone seeking pain relief. I am certain you will find the relief you seek, because I most certainly have!

Janelle H. of Antelope, CA age 25-30

Since beginning treatment with Steve Phillips, L.Ac., my health is much improved. I began treatment on May 8, 2002 as a result of a severe back injury suffered at work–I tripped and fell with a patient in my arms during a lift, pivot, and transfer movement. My diagnosis was severe sprain/strain of the lower lumbar and sacral spine. I have a marked sensitivity to most medications and so am unable to use them at all because the pain relief is never worth the side-effects for me–I have noticed marked changes.

I began treatment with a coordinated chiropractic and acupuncture pair. My pain was relieved right away, it was the acupuncture! I dropped the chiropractic. My pain is relieved, my muscle spasms gone, my posture is much improved. My treatment is consistently accurate, creative, timely and appropriate. I was considering a series of 3 back surgeries to help me regain what I have now from acupuncture (twice per month) and periodic conservative chiropractic ( every 6 weeks) and exercise. I am happy, pain free, mobile, and I have still not had those three back surgeries.

Joan Holly, R.N. age 72

I had never considered acupuncture before in my life because I was mildly frightened by the idea of multiple needles. However, when traditional therapies such as exercise, massage, and medicines failed to heal back spasms that had lasted for months, my doctor advised me to try acupuncture and gave me the names of a few practitioners. I chose Steve Phillips. I have been amazed by the results. First: I barely notice the needles. They aren't a problem at all, and every acupuncture treatment is a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Second: after two sessions, I no longer needed medications and after four sessions, I am completely out of pain most all of the time. I am very glad that I gave acupuncture a try and have begun recommending acupuncture and Steve Phillips to my friends and family.

Fran F. Female, age 65

I would like to take this opportunity to write a brief testimonial for Steve Phillips, L.Ac.

I have worked in the medical field now for 15 years and hold licenses in two healthcare modalities. I've had the opportunity to work with many medical doctors and other healthcare professionals and this experience has enriched my knowledge about the human body and many medical treatments and procedures.

Having direct patient contact, my job is quite physical and we are at high risk for musculo-skeletal injuries. I have suffered multiple work related injuries from my job, which had resulted in sciatica from a disc herniation, chronic back pain and chronic shoulder pain.

Surgery was the last resort, so I used both chiropractic and massage therapy. While these were beneficial and offered temporary relief, my condition worsened. Then I heard about acupuncture from a co-worker who had success with it. I was quite skeptical about acupuncture, but I figured that… with my declining condition, what did I have to lose? I would have most likely been unable to continue working the way things were going.

I found Steve in the yellow pages (lucky me) and began treatments in 2003. I honestly laughed after my first treatment because I noticed release in the back muscles which had been in chronic spasm for several years. I continued a steady treatment regimen of chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture. All three are complimentary, but acupuncture was the keystone to my recovery. Steve also taught me special exercises which I will use for the rest of my life which helped bring me out of that trough of pain and suffering.

I've seen two sides of treating ailments: western medicine and chinese medicine. With what I know now, I'd opt for acupuncture first and foremost for any aches, pains, and/or injuries before surgery and pills. I still use and highly recommend Steve for his services… try it, you can't go wrong!

Thank you,

James B. age 47

I decided to try acupuncture after my physician and chiropractor couldn't alleviate my back pain. I was in pain and couldn't stand straight when I went to Acupuncture Healing Arts. In a matter of about an hour, Steve was able to unlock my spasming back muscles and relieve my pain. I was amazed that I was able to leave his office walking tall.
Karl H., age 34